Earthy grit. Rootsy and soft. A distinct voice. At its core, Ashley Riley’s music is best described as sophisticated indie/Americana. New Noise Magazine called her “one of the best obscure female artists I've heard in, well, ever,” and In- Forty.com declared her a “female songstress everyone would be wise to spend time with.”


I Will Be There

So excited to share my new single I Will Be There with you!  Look for it 9/29/17

So excited to share my new single I Will Be There with you! Look for it 9/29/17

New and Notable at Noisetrade

FREE Download of my brand new single, Open Heart, exclusively at Noisetrade!  Click on the photo above to claim your copy.

FREE Download of my brand new single, Open Heart, exclusively at Noisetrade! Click on the photo above to claim your copy.

Can't Let You Go Exclusive Track Premiere  

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It takes a wise eye and strong heart to realize and admit that love is the sweetest poison. It gets in our veins, flows through our minds and seeps into our spirits, embedding its surefooted roots at our core until it is an inseparable part of us, as familiar as our shadows. If only love were as predictable as our shadows – yet, surely part of its mystique is the fact that love is unpredictable, mysterious and forever changing! Love is a multi-player game, a variable tug-of-war between two sides that can bring out both the best and worst of us. It will hurt us, just as it will bring us the greatest joy. Ashley Riley falls victim to love in “Can’t Let You Go,” fighting an uphill battle against herself and the loved one she just can’t leave. 

First Review of Can't Let You Go courtesy of Three Chords & the Truth UK 

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From start to finish, Ashley and her band have created a body of music deep in character and rich in freedom as the sound veers in an Americana/alt-country direction. Weeping guitars and vocals to suit give the record a multi-sensory effect revealed in the achingly good opener ‘Lonely’ and the follow on title track ‘Can’t Let You Go’. The adjective ethereal can be over used in music reviews, but make room for one more placement when describing ‘Tell Me Why’.

Leaving Nashville Track Premiere  

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llinois-based and Nashville-obsessed singer-songwriter Ashley Riley is premiering her latest track, “Leaving Nashville,” exclusively for readers of The Boot. 

Despite what the song’s title might make listeners think, the inspiration for “Leaving Nashville” comes from Riley’s self-described “crush” on Music City. 

“I’m inspired by the songwriting community and the people, and I’ve always felt very welcome there,” Riley tells The Boot. “I love driving around all the different neighborhoods, just exploring and going to the local coffee shops and restaurants and vintage stores.” 

Photo by Travis Lickey, courtesy of Skye Media 

Can't Let You Go is here! 

I'm excited to announce my new EP, Can't Let You Go, is available today on iTunes, cdbaby.com and Amazon music! I'm thrilled with the great reception it's already receiving!

Atwood Magazine says "Ashley Riley mixes the heartland with the heart in her music, pulling forth a passion powerful enough to bring listeners to their knees."

I had never heard this Christmas song before this year and I fell in love with it!  Such a sweet little song I had to record it 😍🎄 I hope you enjoy it along with this little iPhone video I whipped up to go along with. https://youtu.be/a550WMHD48Q


The Women’s International Music Network (WiMN) is pleased to announce the finalists selected to perform at the 2016 She Rocks Summer NAMM Showcase, taking place Thursday, June 23, 2016, from 8:30-11:00 p.m., at The Listening Room Cafe in Nashville, Tenn., during the 2016 Summer NAMM trade show. Tickets are available here.

Performers include singer-songwriter Ashley Riley, 13-year-old singer Juliana Wilson, jazz vocalist and guitarist Leni Stern, and singer-songwriter Savannah Lynne. The performers were chosen based on their submissions to thewimn.com.

“The WiMN’s She Rocks Showcases are a part of our ongoing efforts to create opportunities and a platform for women in music,” said WiMN Founder, Laura B. Whitmore. “We aim to give a chance to as many female artists as possible across the country to display their talent in front of music industry experts, influencers, media representatives, artists, and more. Attendees are in for a real treat!”

Ashley Riley’s latest offering, Through the Thin, showcases her signature delicate-then-soaring vocals and clever storytelling. Riley is able to build an intimacy with the listener, inviting them into the songs and on a journey through the thin with her. The 13-song collection, released in April 2016, finds Riley a bit stronger and wiser than before, her down-to-the-bone vulnerability wrapped up in a cozy, warm blanket. The gritty, rootsy moments that garnered favorable comparisons to Patty Griffin and Stevie Nicks remain, backed by lush instrumentation that incorporates genres such as indie rock and pop into her folk niche. For more information, visit www.ashleyriley.com.  Read the full articel here

The Boot is pleased to introduce singer-songwriter Ashley Riley, who performs Gillian Welch’s “Look at Miss Ohio” with Micah Walk from the band the Deep Hollow for April’s Guest Room Sessions installment.

The two singers recorded this Guest Room Sessions clip on the loading dock at the back of the music store where Walk is employed. It features, simply, them and their acoustic guitars.
Read More: Guest Room Sessions: Ashley Riley, 'Look at Miss Ohio' | http://theboot.com/ashley-riley-look-at-miss-ohio/?trackback=tsmclip

It has been said that Americana music is more a state of mind than a definable art form. Likewise a host of superlatives and assorted literary devices only scratch the surface of the impact from listening intently to the new album by Ashley Riley. The thirteen songs that comprise THROUGH THE THIN are strikingly impressive in how they generate a mixture of moods and ambience, with the stark effect of initiating constant repeat listens. In essence this is an expertly curated album, driven by a controlled and well-judged guitar presence merging splendidly with Ashley’s hazy vocals. It’s a substantial release, weighing in at over three quarters of an hour, which gathers momentum from the early stages and packs a core punch with some sublime melodic tunes.  Read the full review HERE



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