Make no mistake, Ashley Riley has an utterly gorgeous voice and a sound all her own.”

— Illinois Entertainer

About Ashley

Earthy grit. Rootsy and soft. A distinct voice. At its core, Ashley Riley’s music is best described as sophisticated indie/Americana. New Noise Magazine called her “one of the best obscure female artists I've heard in, well, ever,” and In- declared her a “female songstress everyone would be wise to spend time with.”  Her latest single, I Will Be There was recently included in an episode of MTV's Teem Mom.  



Past Press Praise

Past press praise for Ashley Riley:

“The instant you first hear Ashley Riley’s intoxicatingly sweet vocals and catch the tinge of a delicate warble that colors her tone, you are drawn to them just as you would be attracted to any object of beauty. However, it’s the slight traces of earthy grit around the edges offering shades of intrigue that ultimately pull you in deeply and rivet your attention. On her latest offering, All The Pretty Things, the sparse arrangements allow her voice to effortlessly hold sway over the music and the result is an intensely captivating album of intimate expressions.” -

“All The Pretty Things is engaging stuff, both rootsy and soft, as Riley provokes with complicated, though gently offered, lines.  ...Those who enjoy complex singer-songwriters will find Riley's distinct voice rewarding.” - Knoxville News-Sentinel 

“Ashley’s album is... a gorgeous collection of nine beautifully crafted songs that encompasses all that is valued in the folk/rock/acoustic scene. Added to her exquisite vocals, Ashley shows she’s no mean song writer in both lyrical content and melody construction. ...Straight from the acoustic opener ‘Made of Dreams’ through to the tranquil closer ‘Lie To Me’, where Ashley shows she’s the master of the slow song, Americana fans will drool over the enchanting quality.” - Three Chords and the Truth

“With a voice and style somewhere between Jewel and Martina McBride, Riley sings wistfully and invites us into the soft world she has created.” - Innocent Words Magazine

THROUGH THE THIN is a hugely impressive contemplative album, pensive in places and wholly seductive in its presence. The pace and the balance are finely tuned with its long lasting appeal a secure lock in. While circumstance will no doubt retain the distance between Decatur Illinois and the West Midlands gig scene, there is gratitude that the music of Ashley Riley found its way across the wires to a distant land. This album will be enjoyed on many more listens and it warrants Ashley enhanced success." -Three Chords and the Truth UK

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